CIEN/Queen Sofia Foundation, CIBERNED and Residencia de Estudiantes (Spanish Research Council, CSIC), Spain

9th-11th October 2018
The Network Research Symposium (NE-5) included items from three of the network training events of the BBDiag project.
• NE-4 Summer School on interdisciplinary research methods, skills & ethics
• NE-5 Residential workshop on innovation & entrepreneurship and
• NE-6 Network Research Symposium.
This meeting was held in Madrid in October 2018 over three days and the agenda included the above workshops and also the Mid Term Review Meeting with the Project Officer from the EU Commission.
The first day was held at the CIEN/Queen Sofía Foundation for Alzheimer Disease, a Spanish organization in charge of the biggest Alzheimer’s disease clinical project. The opening and welcoming of the meeting were conducted by the General Director of Universities from the Spanish Ministry of Science, the General Director of the Health of the Madrid Community, the manager of the CIEN Foundation, and the coordinator of the BBDiag project Prof. Genhua Pan.
The day was dedicated to training the Early Stage Researchers (ESR’s) on ethics issues in preclinical and clinical research, with talks delivered from Professor Rabano, Professor Medina and Professor Montolliu). A further talk was delivered by Professor Bartlett on academic and research paper writing skills: “Lost in translation: the art of writing in the sciences”.
Additionally, there was a guided tour of the CIEN Foundation to show ESR’s and PI’s, how this Centre operates. We were lucky enough to been shown all of its facilities, including the MRI facilities, the brain bank and the Research Program at the Vallecas project regarding Alzheimer disease (patients as well as aged-volunteers).
The second day focused on “Targeting insulin resistance in the brain as a nutraceutical approach in Alzheimer disease”, followed by a round-table meeting with some discussions between entrepreneurs from the industry perspective.
Finally, the second half and final day was dedicated to the BBDIAG project Mid Term Review Meeting, which was attend by the European Commission Project Officer in charge of our consortium. During this time all PI’s and ESR’s gave presentations on their role within the Project and results and the Coordinator gave the PO an update on the progress of the project as a whole. It gave the PO a chance to meet all members and to discuss project related matters with all parties. Furthermore, the PO gave some valuable feedback and suggestions on how to continue the success within the Project.
Over the three days, we tried to cover the following training needs for the ESRs: writing skills, preclinical and clinical ethics issues and innovation and entrepreneurship. Five external speakers were invited for these training lectures, with the purpose of bringing the professionals to the ESR’s.
During these days, we also had a series of social activities, such as a Segway tour to visit the center of Madrid and a guided tour of the Prado Museum. These social activities, along with the fact that some of the ESRs were housed at the Residencia de Estudiantes (Spanish Research Council, CSIC) provided them with the opportunity to establish closer social relationships among them and fruitful discussions regarding their research.