In addition to the training events organized locally or at work package level to reflect the domain specific needs of the training, BBDiag has a series of network level training events that will focus on joint activities with shared resources and learning outcomes, including regular webinars, residential workshops, summer school, network research symposiums and international conferences, as listed in the Table below. These activities are designed in complementary to local training to achieve the Vitae RDF knowledge and skills set.

NE-0 Kick off meeting & Vitae RDF training for supervisors, was held at PU Jan 2017
NE-1 Bi-monthly topical webinars on project progress led by CEBERNED, bi-monthly, starting Sept  2017
NE-2 Residential workshop – Multidisciplinary AD foundations, to be held at SU, 11-15th Sept 2017
NE-3 Residential workshop on project proposals, to be held at UniRoma in March 2018
NE-4 Summer school on inter-disciplinary research methods, skills & ethics, to be held at PU, Jun 2018
NE-5 Residential workshop on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, to be held at NB, aug 2018
NE-6 Network research symposium CEBERNED 24 TO2, TO3 & TO5 Jan. 2019
NE-7 Business incubator & seminar with industry, to be held at URos, Jun 2019
NE-8 Workshop on standardization of blood samples for AD, to be held at IRFMN, month 32  
NE-9 Joint conference on AD diagnostics, joint event with the 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference
NE-10 PhD thesis submission and examinations, led by PU, during months 47-46.